I Had My Husband Capture My Maternity Photos

October 22, 2023

Last Minute & Film Inspired Maternity Photos

It’s true, I put planning my maternity photos on the backburner. Like, WAY too far on the backburner.

Me, a photographer who cherishes photos more than most things in this world, did not plan accordingly. And before I knew it, I was 38 weeks pregnant and not willing to risk making plans with a maternity photographer. At this point, I could go into labor at any moment and, ahem, have my baby before actually getting my maternity photos done.

So, Now What?

Cue my wonderful husband who has never worked with professional camera gear a day in his life. When asked, he was up to the task of capturing my maternity photos before it was too late. This plan came together incredibly last minute- as in we had just finished our coffee and decided to just go for it last minute. I went to Costco to get some flowers for the maternity photos while he cleaned our bedroom. From there, we declared everything “good enough.”

Since my husband wasn’t familiar with my camera gear, I set everything up for him between each new shot. This was definitely time consuming and a little frustrating because I couldn’t see in the moment how everything was turning out to provide guidance or make necessary the adjustments. However, I do think the images came out well considering what we were working with.

The Vision

At the end of the day, these images delivered on the vision I had. I wanted my maternity photos to be unique and centered around the details of my pregnant body while also incorporating different lighting scenarios, playing with shadows, and adjusting composition. They are also inspired by the timeless and grainy look of film photography, which, *swoon.*

I can say with complete honesty this is something I would like to avoid with my next pregnancy. I love these photos, however it would be awesome to have more guidance from the person behind the camera. Not to mention, actually have my husband make an appearance in the photos, too. In a pinch, though, my husband really came through with these maternity photos and helped bring my vision to life. Keep scrolling through to see how they turned out.

My Last Minute Maternity Photos

Additional Information

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