Having a Photographer That Grows with You

July 1, 2023

From Your Wedding to all the Other Big Moments

It’s no secret, your engagement and wedding day are a BIG deal. I know it, you know it, and your friends and family know it.

Being a wedding photographer, I’ve found myself missing the couples I’ve worked with after their wedding days. And now that my own family is growing, I don’t have complete by-in anymore that “your wedding day is the most important day of your life.” It is important, however it’s more-so the most important day during a season of your life- your engagement season. Then other big, important days start to happen as you enter new seasons of life.

I’ve been contemplating this lately as couples I’ve worked with find themselves expanding in their lives. Whether it be expecting a baby, moving into a new house, or wanting yearly family photos to document their growth over the years by. I’ve also found myself wondering what my duty is to these couples, as I got to share in capturing the start of it all and want to be there to celebrate these new milestones as well.

So, I’ve decided to do just that. Every couple I’ve worked with for their wedding day can consider me available as their lifetime photographer. Want yearly family photos taken? Search no further. Need a pregnancy announcement photographer? Expect the same. Anything from senior photos to holiday cards, I want the couples who chose to work with me for their weddings to know that our professional relationship doesn’t have to end after one significant day, but continue throughout all of the days they want to capture.

Pregnancy announcement photographer

When I found out my husband I were expecting, the most important thing to me in that moment was figuring out a way to tell him in a way that would be both surprising and memorable. And honestly, what I would have given to feel comfortable enough reaching out to my wedding photographer. Maybe she would have agreed to take photos of this moment in our lives, maybe not. The one thing I gained clarity from in this experience is that I want the couples who chose me as their wedding photographer to feel like they can choose me again when the time calls for it.

This article wouldn’t be complete without recognizing my little sister. She was able to help me capture at a moment’s notice telling my husband we were expecting. Thank you, E, for preserving this memory forever. You really are the best.

Photography Studio: Denver Photo Collective

Photos Edited by Becca Dietz.

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